i find the best way to combat this is some combination of having a backup plan and just applying to a ton of things. for classes, what this looks like for me is that i work really hard on the homework so i have some ‘extra points’ built in if i bomb an exam. but also, i consider, what’s really the worst that happens if i bomb an exam? and mostly, the answer is i’m sad but it’s not the end of the world. for jobs i’ve just applied to a shit ton of them and taken every interview and etc.


The hardest thing about doing stuff is that you might fail. Like there’s a good chance I’ll sit down to study and realize I’ve forgotten everything or I’ll apply for this job and I’ll get rejected. It’s easy to get petrified by fear of failure and do nothing.

My philosophy is, but what if I win?

If I don’t try, if I don’t do things, there is no way for winning, for progress. Of course, there is a good chance of failure – but an equal chance for me to win.

And what if I fail? I might be sad, but I will be at the exact same position I was in before. That’s not so bad, is it?

This is life, it’s an endless circle of trying and failure, but with everything I do comes the possibility of “what if it will work”?

The loudest bird calls on Earth come from the …

The loudest bird calls on Earth come from the Amazon’s white bellbird, new recordings reveal. They’re louder than a chainsaw three feet away. Scientists also say the males sing right into females’ faces at close range, perhaps damaging their mates’ hearing.

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